About Me

I am originally from Denmark, but I have lived in many locations across Europe. In 2012 I moved to Glasgow to study Psychology for my bachelors degree. In 2016 I found my roots here in Edinburgh where I completed my masters in Psychology of Mental Health. After my masters degree I decided I wanted to become a counsellor and in 2018 I embarked on my journey to complete my formal counselling training. I have completed my professional counselling training through the Professional Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Edinburgh University. I am a registered member of COSCA (the professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland) and adhere to their ethical guidelines. 

My passion for helping and supporting people developed at an early age as I knew I wanted to work with mental health and wellbeing. For the past 10 years I have worked in various roles across various locations within the mental health and wellbeing sector. Throughout my undergraduate degree I worked  in the US as a camp counsellor for children and young people. I have also completed a mental health placement through SLV Global where I worked within a mental health hospital in Sri Lanka. Throughout my placement there I also ran therapeutic activities for children and adults. Here in Edinburgh, I work as a counsellor with children, young people, and adults through my private practice. I also work with children through Place2Be. Currently I am in my final year of my professional doctorate program where I am completing my thesis. 

In my free time I enjoy improving my physical fitness and spending time in nature. Both are a strong inspiration in my practice as I find they are safe spaces for me yet at the same time they challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone at times, which is a tension I have found present in counselling as well. 



I feel a real sense of care and commitment to my work and my clients, and this is reflected through my values:


Everyone’s problems are valid, no matter their position in life 


I can relate your struggles and want to help 


Each client’s journey is different, and my approach will be tailored to you and your needs


A safe space is essential, and my discretion is guaranteed


I have worked with a broad range of clients, and I offer counselling for both adults and children. My previous clients have explored issues relating to:



Life is full of transitions; aging, changing schools, moving house, moving to another country etc. all of these can feel overwhelming. Counselling can help you make sense of these life events and transitions that you are going through.



Feelings of fear, worry or distress - anxiety can take many forms and interfere with daily life. It can be both physical & emotional. Therapy can help you with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias by providing you a space where you can explore the cause of these feelings. 



Counselling can help improve the way you relate to those around you and allow you to break free from old patterns of behaviour. You may be finding it hard to make friends, find a new relationship or struggle with commitment to others. 



Trauma can result from stressful events which you experience or witness. They can crush your sense of security and self-worth. Trauma may make you feel helpless and vulnerable. It can be caused by a one-off event or from continuous exposure to traumatic events. 



Everyone experiences feelings of low mood. Depression is when these feelings continue for weeks or months at a time. It can affect your body, mood, behaviour, and thoughts. It can afflict anyone and affect your ability to get on with and enjoy your life. 



Anger is a normal emotion which we all experience but it can become uncontrollable or feel overwhelming. This can create problems for you, your family, and your relationships. Anger comes in many shapes and sizes and can cause you to act uncontrollably. 



Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition when the natural recovery from trauma is delayed. You may experience issues with concentration, sleeping and feelings of isolation and detachment. Symptoms are often persistent, affecting day-to-day life. 



Sexually difficulties can occur at any time and at any age, especially if you are also experience high levels of stress or going through life changes. Sex may no longer seem exciting or give you pleasure, and counselling can provide you with an opportunity to find some answers. 



Loss does not only refer to the loss of a loved one it can refer to a wide range of changes or life events. It is normal to feel angry, sad, or lonely when it comes to bereavement and loss. Loss may leave you struggling to cope and feeling like you're out of control of your situation. 


I help clients through one-to-one consultations. If it sounds like I could be a good fit then please click below for more details...